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Edwing Mendez

Pantone Canvas

Webuzz is a democratic learning system geared toward middle school students. The system lives primarily on the iPad which corresponds directly with two speculative platforms; an interactive classroom smart board for the teacher and a large scale interactive hub for student debates and team building activities. The overall goal of WeBuzz is to form a democracy within the classroom, utilize collaborative learning and promote a community. Students have the opportunity to choose how they want to learn and the class makes decisions as a whole, with the teacher acting as a moderator.

Discussion Feed

Students add current events and discussion topics to the Discussion Feed. Classmates and the teacher can comment on posts and choose topics for live debates.

Topic Approval

The teacher can easily moderate discussion topics and offer feedback from the teacher interface of Webuzz.

Student Council

The Student Council component of Webuzz teaches students about different roles in a democracy. Students can create campaigns and vote for their classmates for class roles. An in-app survey helps the teacher determine the best candidates for each role and also pairs students with candidates who share similar views on class topics.

Smartboard & Class Voting

The interactive classroom Smartboard is the perfect place for class discussions and votes. Students can voice their opinions on topics by typing in real time comments which appear on the board. During class votes, students can yell their choice and the Webuzz Smartboard recognizes their voice and submits their vote.

Every student has the opportunity to speak out. For those too shy to yell, they can easily swipe on their tablet. This option also allows students to vote deductively and a Bee Helper offers tips from their previous votes.

Activity Hive

The Activity Hive is a large-scale, transparent dual screen in the classroom where students can participate in interactive debates, games and other activities which help develop collaborative skills in an engaging way.

Student Stats

Information from class debates and the Activity Hive contribute to the Student Stats. The teacher can use these stats to track activities, comprehension and work completion and even share the stats.


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