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Nick Wassmer

Participant of CGTrader Digital Art Competition

While at Bernstein-Rein, my team was tasked with developing new advertising concepts for Thermos Brand that would appeal to the millennial demographic. We focused heavily on themes of technology, humor and nostalgic memories. I worked directly with a copywriter on several creative campaigns. We also worked closely with team members in the social marketing, account management and media departments of the agency to create 3 separate advertising campaign directions.

This was an advertising case study and is not currently in use.

Nostalgic Thermos Memories

To present the historic Thermos to millennials in a fresh and interesting way, we used several nostalgic images combined with modern typography and humor as a way to bridge the gap from old memories to new. 

The Concept

"Thermos has been around for more than 100 years. So, if Thermos could talk, they would have over a century of memories to retell. To capitalize on this, our campaign focuses on the past memories people have had with their Thermoses as a way to encourage incoming millennials to create memories of their own. In short our campaign asks, what memories will you make with your Thermos?"

User Generated Memory Microsite

Users can upload photos on Instagram or Twitter and hashtag #thermosmemories. The images and captions are pushed directly to a corresponding microsite for an endless experience of Thermos memories.

Memories Radio Spot

Thermos Technology

This campaign focused on the literal depiction of the technology behind the Thermos Brand. We wanted to over emphasize the inner workings of a Thermos bottle to depict the technology that no other brand has when it comes to keeping your drinks hot or cold all day long. 

The Concept

"Ever wonder why your drinks stay hot or cold for an entire day in a Thermos brand Thermos? We could brag about our airless vacuum insulation technology, or perhaps our mugs’ double-walled stainless steel construction. But in the end, all you need to know is that it works."

Thermos Technology Radio Spot

Your Daily Wingman

Staying current with millennial trends, the Daily Wingman campaign focuses on the hectic lives of its users in humorous, yet informative ways.

The Concept

"Thermos knows you have bigger problems to take care of than making sure your liquids stay hot or cold. That’s why Thermos makes bottles that take of that for you, so you can now spend more time doing whatever it is you do. Thermos is that vital support element to help get you through your day. This concept will position Thermos as a daily necessity by comparing it to “Your Daily Wingman”.

Daily Wingman Radio Spot

Experiential Advertising Studies

We explored several concepts for experiential advertising for Thermos. These include a Thermos truck with cold drinks at summer festivals, a glass box depicting warm weather in winter settings and life sized Thermos space heaters.

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